Winter Wedding Photography

Today is the autumn equinox when day and night are roughly the same length. From here on in, it just gets darker and when it rains heavily like it did today, it can be a pretty gloomy prospect for your wedding day. Or is it? I often get asked about wedding photography for weddings in the autumn and winter. How is the photography affected by the light, or lack of it? Is the winter wedding album not as good as a summer wedding album?

Technology has changed things an awful lot in the last few years, cameras and lenses have never been so good. The professional wedding cameras we use can produce beautiful images in little more than candlelight without the encumbrance of a tripod or auxiliary photographic lighting. In my opinion, wedding albums produced from winter weddings are just different from albums from summer celebrations. I often show prospective couples winter wedding images because of the pictorial difference. There are usually far more summer wedding images around and I like the contrast that the wintery wedding pictures provide. Images shot from October through to, say, March are often warmer, more intimate and have a cosier feel to them. Of course December weddings often have a backdrop of Christmas trees and other festive decorations which add to the feel.

In my view its essential to choose an experienced wedding photographer if your wedding falls in the autumn and winter months. Your photographer needs to have a few years under his or her belt to be able to handle the low light and fast changing conditions with ease. Many times I have heard stories of couples who have opted for a cheap photographer or friend with a camera to cover their winter wedding and been sorely disappointed. Ive also been asked to rescue some badly photographed winter wedding images for brides who have economised on the photography on their big day. Whilst good wedding photography is not cheap, arguably winter weddings are a time when it might be considered essential  to spend a little more on the memories. Computers are capable of amazing things these days but have their limits. This brings to mind Red Adair’s famous quote – “If you think its expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur.”

Here’s a selection of some winter wedding photographs. Personally I love the challenges at this time of year and the beautiful results so different to the hot days of summer.

I hope you liked my winter wedding photographs, please get in touch if you are planning to get married from October to March, Id love to show you some more of my work.

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