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wedding-supplier-photographers-01For this post – another in my occasional series wedding supplier spotlights – I am pleased to write about Beau Events located just outside of Reading. Beau Events is a specialist chair cover and table dressing company that’s been established for a few years now and does a superb job of transforming your wedding reception. I’ve seen many wedding reception table setups in my time and it’s really quite striking the difference that well fitted chair covers can make, particularly if they are accompanied by coordinating sashes, table dressing and other decorative touches. Visually, these are of course very influential when you first enter the wedding meal room and the right choices can literally take people’s breath away when they walk in.

Just recently I visited their office in Swallowfield to meet with Fiona and Mark who run the company and talk about some of their recent work and what they are doing this year. Amongst other things I was surprised to learn there are about 8 different ways to tie a bow :) and that you can choose from over 200 stock colours of fabric.

Mark and Fi have an almost obsessive attention to detail. I was interested to see how they  cut and hem the fabric in their workshop to ensure everything is lined up correctly and how the fabrics are assembled to sit correctly on the furniture at the wedding reception. On the wedding day, the Beau Events team will swing into action with military precision and transport your finished covers and accessories to avoid creasing and crumpling. Everything is installed in good time for the wedding meal (definitely no last minute panics) and throughout the whole process they liaise with you to make sure you are happy with your choices and the way everything is set up.



Fiona and Mark from Beau

A ludicrous amount of colours are available off the shelf and failing that, Beau Events will custom manufacture your chair covers and sashes for

Mark in the workshop cutting fabric for an Olympics themed dinner celebration. You can see just some of the stock behind him on the

Fiona in the storeroom with hundreds more fabrics

A couple of photographs of the workshop, Mark (L) cuts the fabric on a custom made guide table which ensures straight, parallel lines. Margaret (R) the Beau Events seamstress hard at work.

wedding-supplier-photographers-06It goes without saying that I can wholeheartedly recommend Beau Events to you for your wedding. Click here to visit their website or give Fi or Mark a call on 0118 9885655.

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