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Subsidise the wedding photography for the lucky couple :)

If you’ve attended a wedding as a guest you’ll know how difficult it is to choose the right gift. In the olden days it was easy, a couple getting married would be setting up home together after the wedding and the natural choice was a set of china, a clock for the mantlepiece or an ornamental porcelain figurine (probably a shepherdess or a kitten…) for the ‘front parlour’.

Bride and Groom at Pennyhill Park HotelThese days of course it becomes increasingly tricky to choose a gift that the couple wants, is unique and will bring them happiness for the rest of their lives.

Most engaged couples have a lot of the domestic items they need and it’s not easy to think of things to put on your wedding present list that are appropriate for the occasion.

A contribution to the wedding photography or even something towards a beautiful handmade wedding album is a superb idea and something that will be deeply appreciated by all couples getting married.

I hope to make this process as simple as possible. Complete the form below, I will send you an invoice which you can pay online. We can of course organise everything on the phone if you prefer – call me on 07889 364269 to chat.

On payment, you’ll receive a receipt and I will post you a beautiful personalised gift certificate (with or without the amount of your gift mentioned) which you can give to the couple prior to the wedding day.

Contact me with any questions of course.

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