Wedding Photography From The Ground Up

There are many things that contribute to an interesting and varied wedding portfolio. Years ago I used to have an old film camera called a twin-lens reflex. It had one of those viewfinders on top of the camera that you looked down into, holding the camera at waist level. I was often struck by how different the images looked than those shot at the more traditional eye level. People looked more in proportion to their surroundings and you would notice things in the images that wasn’t often immediately apparent in the pictures that you would typically get using the smaller 35mm camera.

Although digital has long surpassed film for most uses, I still like to get that low angle during weddings for variety. Also it’s a great way to photograph children as the camera is literally on their level. I’ve pretty much perfected the art of knowing what will be in the viewfinder without looking through it. This is a fun technique as often the subject isn’t aware you are shooting.

Here are a few favourites shot from a low angle, pretty much all shot without looking. Combined with normal perspective images and other ways to shoot (blog post coming soon), it’s a great way to capture the wedding day from an unusual viewpoint.

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