Wedding Albums

We have some beautiful hand made wedding albums, each one designed uniquely around your choice of images. In a digital world, a disc of images is a wonderful thing but in my opinion there is nothing like a hand made top quality wedding photograph album for looking through with your loved ones. Your first real heirloom as a married couple.

I was asked to photograph a 50th Wedding Anniversary party a couple of years ago and they had brought along their wedding album – a marvellous thing to have after all this time. Half a century had gone by and to the couple, it had vanished in a twinkling of any eye. Some family and friends who were there on the day were with them that night, due to the passage of time of course, sadly quite a few of them weren’t.

I remember thinking that this was what the album was designed and made for – for you two in many decades time. Ideally you’ll have children and grandchildren by then who will split their sides laughing at the clothes you were wearing on your wedding day :)

Another of my brides shared a beautiful story with me a few years after her wedding – each night she read a book to her three year old to get her off to sleep. She told me her daughters favourite book was the wedding album. I guess to a three year old, a bride looks just like a princess. She told the story of the wedding day to her daughter, describing how she felt and how quickly the ceremony and the party flew by. She pointed out the family and friends in the album and the wedding details that she had worked so hard to create.

This is our wonderful Art Album, probably my favourite book. It’s available in two sizes – 12″ x 12″ (closed size) and 10″ x 10″. You can also order cute little 4″ x 4″ copies – great for presents or carrying around. This book is available in six different colours. Please ask to see a sample or two.


Next we have the Italian Wedding Album. It comes with a high quality black leather finish – contemporary and stylish – and the image designs are mounted individually within the page. It’s 14″ x 10″ in size (closed) and the image area a fraction under A4 in size. I’ve been offering this book for a long time, it’s difficult to beat for style, quality and value. Again, well worth a look next time you visit.

italian leather wedding album


The beautiful traditional-yet-contemporary Matrix Wedding Album. The images are mounted behind the custom cut mats. Available in black or white page colours and a variety of leather, metal, wood and manmade finishes. It’s quite hefty, 13″ x 13″ in size and there are a number of manufacturing options (cover mounted image, briefcase etc.)

Here’s the Keepsake Wedding Album range. Available finished in Italian linen or leather covers. Digitally printed pages. 5″ x 5″, 8″ x8″ or 12″ x 12″ size. The smallest size is nice as a replica album, perhaps as a present for parents, grandparents or special guests.

After the wedding, we usually meet for the wedding album planning session – a relaxed 2 hour meeting where we can go through all the images from the wedding, choose the album photographs, confirm an album type and choose a cover material. The idea behind doing this at our studio is so I can advise on image choice, sequences and show you how I can create the story-telling element that my wedding books are well known for. I can advise on which images you don’t need for the book and how to start and finish the album in style.

I will then design your wedding album layout for you and you can view this design online and suggest any changes you feel are necessary. Once the layout is finalised, your album is manufactured to the highest standards by one of only a few bookmakers that I feel are of sufficient quality  to work with. In most cases I have been using these suppliers for years and have a good relationship with them which is great because it enables me to have confidence in the quality of the final product.

design for wedding album