Wasing Park Wedding – Keeley and Frankie

Wasing Park in Aldermaston  is a beautiful place for a wedding at any time of the year and with the weather on our side today it was a great place to be to celebrate Francois and Keeley’s big day. The venue is based around and old estate farm with ceremonies taking place in the small church adjacent to the reception area. I like it because everything takes place a short distance from everything else – Wasing Park lends itself to a nice relaxed wedding day.

Frankie and Keeley both work for QVC so not surprisingly were relaxed in front of the camera. We had a great day and they had booked a photobooth in the evening which was fabulous fun. Incriminating evidence coming up below.

The complete gallery will be uploaded as soon as K and F are back from their Italian honeymoon. If you would like to know when the pictures are available for viewing clickez-vous ici.

For more Wasing Park Wedding photography and information click here.

In the meantime – a few favourites from the wedding:

Get a load of those baby blues


Happy bridesmaids – a good start to the day.

Best Man Mark fearlessly takes on the tricky buttonhole job.

Almost ready to go.

Jasmine and Amelia. Butter wouldn’t melt… eh?

The beautiful bride.

The FOG waits for the ceremony to start.

She’s not late, just ‘fashionable’.

On the way to church

A great ceremony with capacity crowd in St. Nicholas Church.

Peter the toastmaster, on hand with refreshments.

The brand new Mr. and Mrs.

A couple of favourites from the reception.

It’s going to end in tears.

Be proud of your bap.

Laydeez and Gennlemen – I give you….Keeley and Frankies.. PHOTOBOOTH!!

Be afraid…

Thanks again Keeley and Frankie, have a great honeymoon in Italy :)

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  1. Hannah (SugarBlossom)

    Looks like a fantastic day, I love your photobooth pics!

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