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Today saw me once again at Wasing Park, one of my absolute favourite local wedding venues. It’s been built around the existing (mainly 18C) buildings of an estate farm and has a unique atmosphere compared to similar wedding venues. The driveway from the road meanders through farmland and when you arrive at Wasing Park, there’s a real sense of ‘getting away from it all’. There’s lots of room for the guests and you never feel like you’re being coralled in to a corner like you can at some busier wedding venues.

Gemma and Dave have been together a while and have a lovely family between them. When I met them a few weeks before the wedding for a planning chat, Gemma told me the wedding style was ‘Rustic meets Star Wars’ :)

“I’m coming as a Storm Trooper” said the Groom

Under his voice admittedly, but when I heard that at the pre-wedding meeting, I was naturally quite excited. Turns out Dave was joking :) and the concession Gemma made was that Dave got to choose the table names and the seating plan.

It was an amazing summer’s day, everything that any wedding couple could wish for and it was lovely to be there with Gemma and Dave as they celebrated their wedding day.

A few little detail shots to set the scene. Things that you might not notice on the wedding day but might kick start reminders of the wedding in many years time.

Yep, five bridesmaids and two flowergirls. Nothing done by halves on this wedding.

A quick portrait of the groom by the old well at Wasing Park.

Dave and the boys


I love photographs with layers; things going on.

Back in the room, everything is coming together.

Beautiful bouquets courtesy of Doug at Berkshire Wedding Hire.

What a lovely outdoor wedding ceremony, it’s so nice when the weather is perfect and of course a totally different atmosphere from an indoor wedding.

I love this little moment when they realise they’ve actually, finally been and gone and done it.

Someone slept through (most of) the ceremony.

I can’t help smiling at the lady on the right. We’ve all been there!

Nothing like a carrier bag of confetti over you as you come down the aisle.

The wedding reception begins.

Above: Rustic. Below: Star Wars. As advertised.

Dinner is announced.


Thanks again Gem and Dave, it was a great day, eh?

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