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ufton court wedding photosUfton Court near Reading is a unique venue – I hate to use the word ‘unique’ lightly but it has a feel and an atmosphere all it’s own so it was wonderful to return there today to be a part of Cheryl and Kane’s wedding day celebrations. It was clear to me that family and friends are very important to Cheryl and Kane and so it was a pleasure to be part of their big day. They wrote to me after the wedding and said “…we had the happiest of happy days…” which was a lovely thing to hear. Not that the day was without it’s ups and downs.

Weddings of course are emotional events and it’s fair to say that most wedding days have a few hiccups along the path. The bride and groom today were brilliant though, and didn’t let anything bother them. It was lovely too, how the family and guests were so supportive of them. This is one of the reasons it’s been a privilege to be present at this high point in people’s lives and why I love preserving those moments for the future. The weather was amazing and it meant that the guests could take advantage of the beautiful courtyard gardens that stretch between the Tithe Barn and the Archers Hall where the wedding ceremony took place.

Weddings where you have a big age range always have a special atmosphere. It’s so nice to see grandparents watching the kids running around and, as an observer of the day, it’s wonderful to see the bride and groom being part of this story. The bride and groom are currently on an epic multi-destination honeymoon and the full gallery will be uploaded when they return. If you were part of Cheryl and Kane’s Ufton Court wedding day and would like to know when the photographs are available, drop me a line and I will let you know.

As always, here’s some of my favourites from the day:


Cheryl and her family had rented this beautiful Victorian cottage near Ufton Court for the wedding preparations.


Some fabulous flowers from Lindsey at the White Horse Flower Company.


Cheryl the bride – looking fabulous in curlers :)


Little Esme the bridesmaid and grandma getting ready for the big day.


Off to Ufton Court under strict instructions to see if the boys had turned up.


Some fine ‘Flemish Bond’ brickwork below, eh Kane? :)


The couple had set out this lovely table with wedding photographs from their parents and grand parents. I love this idea as, on your wedding day, you take your place as part of a long running story. It’s quite a profound feeling when you look back on your family’s wedding photograph from many decades ago. As you can see (below) it’s wonderful for the grandparents to share these memories with the kids.


The Archers Hall at Ufton Court was the setting for the wedding ceremony.


I liked this photo of Kane. With the beautiful grounds of Ufton Court it’s a bit mad that I took this in the kitchen at the barn, but there you go.


The guests make their way to the Archers Hall for the wedding ceremony.


Anthony the usher. Being fabulous.


Rachel the bridesmaid.


Cheryl is ready to go!


No matter how much you think about it in the months before the wedding, that look between the two of you is something you can’t really imagine until it happens.


I love this photograph below – Cheryl and Kane have clearly been waiting for this moment for a long time.


We took a short walk around the beautiful grounds of Ufton Court – here’s a few favourite bride and groom portraits.


Back to the Tithe Barn – the room looked fantastic all set for the wedding meal.


A few more reception favourites –ufton-court-wedding-photographer-069ufton-court-wedding-photographer-070ufton-court-wedding-photographer-071ufton-court-wedding-photographer-072ufton-court-wedding-photographer-073

Cheryl and Kane have a little ‘recharge’ during the reception.


The Tithe Barn at Ufton Court – a perfect country wedding reception.

tithe barn at ufton court wedding


The first dance.


Advanced phone photography skills…



Thanks again for trusting me with your wedding photographs Cheryl and Kane – see you when you get back.

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  1. Rachel

    I never said good bye! Thanks so much for being so absolutely lovely at Cheryl and Kane’s wedding, you were so fantastic, patient and calming.
    Can’t wait for the piccies am suffering with major wedding withdrawal symptoms!
    Rachel x

    1. simonkempadmin

      Thanks for the kind words Rachel. I waved at you from across the dance floor but you were busy throwing some serious shapes :)

      You were a great help to Cheryl on the day, it was lovely to see how supportive you and the family were.

  2. Julia Price

    Amazing photos Simon, so beautiful. You have captured the essence of the day perfectly in pictures. It was such a pleasure to have been part of their special day too. A wonderful couple. A beautiful day in every way.

    1. simonkempadmin

      Thanks Julia, everything ran smoothly (of course!) and it was a great day all round.

  3. Rachel

    Oh my – these tasters are fantastic…
    Too fantastic x

    1. simonkempadmin

      (blushes) thanks Rachel!

  4. Mr and Mrs Andani


    Today is the first day of our epic multi destination honeymoon and we just had to log in and see these after Rachel (helpful as always) tipped us off. What a joy! You have captured our wedding so spectacularly we have lived it all over again tonight. The happiest of happy days part two. Thank you so much.

    Now we have a honeymoon to enjoy, bye for now all.

    Love Cheryl and Kane xx

    1. simonkempadmin

      Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. Have a brilliant time! Thanks for being great on the day – will get everything ready for you by the time you get back.

  5. Wow Simon, the tasters are fabulous – so many lovely moments captured perfectly! There are some stand outs for us – the innocence of youth! Thanks for being there and helping Cheryl and Kane record their perfect day. As we would say in Yorkshire ‘we’re well impressed’…

    1. simonkempadmin

      Thanks Sue and Nev – much appreciated! It was a great day wasn’t it?

      1. Sue and Nev Painting

        Absolutely brilliant day – some many happy memories, so many lovely touches – such a thoughtful couple. I am not sure how, but you have captured the atmosphere perfectly

  6. Phillip Liu

    Great Photo’s … looking forward to seeing the complete set!

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