Ufton Court Wedding | Hazel and Mark

It’s always a pleasure to approach Ufton Court down the long driveway between the fields. I’ve worked here many times over the years and it stands out as a wedding venue for many reasons, not least of all that it’s nestled deep in the Berkshire countryside and has a rural, slightly remote feel. Today, Hazel and Mark got married in the Tithe Barn at Ufton. I’d only met the couple once before when we chatted about the upcoming wedding and I knew we were in for a relaxed, laid back day. I think Hazel was very keen to get married – she arrived really early (in a cute little Morris Minor) – we weren’t expecting her for another 20 minutes so it was a quick sprint down to the manor house for some photographs.

Mark and Best Man Nick were settled safely in the old Tithe Barn by this time. It’s a lovely, intimate place for a wedding ceremony, the beams and low key lighting giving it a really nice atmosphere. As with all weddings, the afternoon seemed to fly by. It was little windy but the guests had a great time. The couple had organised some fairground style games which kept everyone amused. The coconut shy was great, there’ll be bits of coconut around Ufton for weeks :)

Here are some images from the day that caught my eye and the complete gallery will be uploaded soon.

Here’s the view that greets you as you make your way down the long driveway to Ufton Court.


Today’s dashing groom…



…and beautiful bride.



Much cuteness was present at todays wedding :)




Mark looks unimpressed at the confetti…


We took a little wander around the grounds of the manor house for some bride and groom portraits.


Back at the barn, the reception was in full swing.


Hide and seek!


I liked the glow from the candle in this vintage teacup.



Thanks again Hazel and Mark!

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