Top 5 Hampshire Wedding Venues

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elvetham-wedding-photographyHere is some information about my top 5 Hampshire wedding venues. I’ve been lucky enough to photograph weddings in Hampshire and surrounding counties for over twenty years now and have had the pleasure of working at some of the most beautiful stately homes, country house hotels, churches, private homes and other types of wedding venue. Some small, some large, some of them brand new and a lot of wedding reception venues that have been around for years.

The choice of wedding venue for most brides and grooms is of course a tricky one. It’s often the first decision you would make after you’ve set the date. Many factors come into play, the physical location obviously but also things like the accommodation, the quality of the food and the ‘vibe’ of the place.

It’s difficult sometimes when you have a tour of a venue to imagine what it’s actually going to be link at your wedding with all the guests in attendance. Without wedding guests of course there is no atmosphere so one tip is to try and drop in (discreetly) on a Saturday lunchtime to see a wedding in progress. Of course, your visit to the wedding coordinator of the particular location will tell you a lot. If you’ve not received my free report ’10 Questions you should ask your wedding supplier’ please get in touch and I would be happy to send you a copy. It applies to wedding venues as well as other suppliers such as DJ’s, florists and caterers (and wedding photographers of course).

Although I am a Berkshire based wedding photographer, I am based very close to the county border naturally I have spent a lot of time at Hampshire venues like these. If I can be of any help when you are choosing your wedding venue, feel free to call or email, I would be happy to give you my point of view of a venue and experiences of working there.

Here’s a list (in no particular order) of the best Hampshire wedding venues from a wedding photographer’s point of view.


1.The Elvetham Hotel

2. Rivervale Barn

3. Highfield Park

4. Warbrook House

5. Tylney Hall Hotel