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wedding-thank-you“Simon, there are not words enough to describe how much your photos of our wedding mean to us. We had the most incredible day and you have captured the love, warmth and fun of our day in a way we could never have hoped for.

As soon as we met you we knew your calm and professional approach was just what we needed. I clearly remember so many times on the day of the wedding when you encouraged us to take a moment, told us the time, adjusted plans to suit the day – we trusted you to record the biggest day of our lives and you did not let us down…

… We had an amazing honeymoon. Zimbabwe was a real experience and safari in South Africa was once-in-a-lifetime special. We are very lucky and very happy!

Thank you once again, best wishes, Cheryl and Kane xx”

Thank you for the thank you :) One of my lovely couples – Cheryl and Kane who got married at Ufton Court earlier this year, sent me the above note after the wedding. On a typical Monday morning, it was lovely to receive this thank you card :) It’s always so nice to work with brides and grooms who understand  why I photograph a wedding in the way that I do.

Ten or twenty years ago wedding photography was very different to nowadays, typically it was based around ‘record shots’, many family line-ups, pretending to sign the register or pretending to cut the cake. When photojournalism became popular – telling the story of the day with unstaged images, photographed as they occurred and combining those images into a coherent narrative – we were able to show couples so much more of their wedding.

Not only documenting little moments between a bride and groom which showed how they felt about each other but also how they fitted in to the stories of the family and friends. For example, I often enjoy quietly and discreetly photographing parents watching their child getting married. As a parent, many years have been spent caring and nurturing your offspring and the kind of images I like to produce show to the bride and groom how momentous a day it is, not just for them but also for their families.

When I became a father for the first time, it totally changed my relationship with my parents and gave me the ability to see how much they had done for me in my lifetime. Now I know that not all brides and grooms will become parents but I do hope that if they do have that privilege, they will see the images of their parents with them at the wedding in a new light. Some of my couples from years ago have told me that they love showing the wedding album to their young children and how it helps them tell how their own story began.

I think this is a lovely thing to do, much as the bride and groom can realise their part in their families history when looking at the wedding photographs years after the wedding, so their children can start to experience the same thing.

Thoughts? Do drop me a line if you agree.

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