Swallowfield Village Wedding | Nicola and James

Winter weddings have a totally different atmosphere to weddings at any other time of year. From a photographic point of view they’re not better or worse, just different. They bring their technical challenges of course but that is part of the fun of photographing wedding celebrations at this time of year.

On Saturday it was a pleasure to be asked to photograph Nicola and James’ wedding as I’ve known Nicola for quite a few years now. The ceremony took place at All Saints Church in Swallowfield, Berkshire and the wedding reception was held partly in the church (a great idea) and then on to the village hall for the meal.

Beginning the party in the church was a great idea as there were quite a few guests who attended the ceremony but weren’t going to make it to the wedding reception. The happy couple are off to Vienna for their honeymoon which will be wonderful at this time of year (I’m officially jealous!). Thanks again for your patience Nicola and James, see you when you get back.

The day started with the bridal preparations, always lovely to photograph.

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  1. Tiffany

    Nicola, you look fantastic!! The kids and I were so thrilled that Simon was taking your pictures, and so pleased for you and James that your day went so well. The photos brought a tear to my eye – he’s captured your personality beautifully! Well done, and I hope you had a wonderful honeymoon.

  2. nicola sangster

    Thanks Tiffany! The day went so well, we were so blessed. And it was great having Simon with us taking such amazing pictures. The whole family are so happy with them. I’m working at the theatre in cheltenham and have (cheesily) brought a couple of the prints to have up in my dressing room to remind me what my husband looks like! Lots of love to you all. x

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