Surrey Wedding Photography – Emma and Richard

So Autumn is finally here and the change in the weather brings new challenges in wedding photography. The trick I discovered years ago is to go with the flow, working with the light whatever qualities it might have on a given day rather than trying to fight it. Today I was at the beautiful Clandon Park near Guildford for Emma and Richard’s wedding. For various reasons we hadn’t been able to meet up before the big day but E & R couldn’t have been nicer, it was a great afternoon and a good time was had by all. Here’s a few images – just some favourites – we will upload all the pictures when the new Mr. and Mrs. get back from their honeymoon in the Far East. If you’d like an email when the gallery is available, please click here.

(L) It’s Autumn (R) “Someday the people of this valley will know justice…” (gravelly voiceover and cue Sergio Leone music).

A promising start to the day then…

Some of the relations and friends arrive in the Marble Hall.

Richard…ten minutes to go…

A bunch of bouquets belonging to the beautiful bridesmaids (try saying that after a Babycham and lemonade).

I hope Richard doesn’t mind me posting the following image. There are a few fleeting, never-to- be-repeated moments during one of the biggest days of your lives and I always think those few minutes for the groom before the bride and her father come down the aisle is one of them. It’s often pretty similar for the bride as well and I think you never know exactly how you are going to feel beforehand, even though you might think about it quite a lot.

It’s always a privilege to be present at weddings I think, and wonderful to be there to capture little moments like this.

Another favourite ceremony image.

The Tapestry Room.

In the film days, this effect would have been created with infra-red film. Digital photography makes it so much easier, in-faux-red if you like.

Shiny new wedding rings.

A couple of candid reception images.

Richard goes in for the kill.

And into the meal at the end of the afternoon.

Thanks again Emma and Richard, see you when you get back!

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