Pennyhill Park Wedding Photography – Carly and Mark

I had the feeling today that the Summer was on the wane and Autumn would soon be here. Mark and Carly’s wedding however was blessed with blue skies and sunshine. A good day to get married. The reason I say this is that today was also my wedding anniversary. Needless to say I have a very understanding wife to be OK with me working all day on our anniversary, but she has had 17 years to get used to it :)

The wedding was in Horsell, at St. Mary’s at the top of the High Street and afterwards at the beautiful Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot.

Carly and Mark had six bridesmaids and five groomsmen so plenty of help was on hand. The wedding was great fun to photograph, Carly and Mark were relaxed, moreso *after* the ceremony for Mark :) and everything went terrifically.

Here’s a few favourites from the day to be going on with. I am processing the rest of the images (all our pictures get lovelingly tweaked and polished before you see them) whilst C & M are on honeymoon.

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Yup, it’s the 5th of September (L) and Carly’s beautiful dress (R)

The beautiful bride. Fabulous hair!

Make-up is a spectator sport.

A warm welcome at the church :)

The boys. Or should that be “Da Boyz”? I’ll have to ask a young person.

“If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire…” (cue cheesy music).

A couple of images before the ceremony. Bouquets available on the way in (L) and Mark’s Dad with a few words of advice.

Paperwork eh? The deal is sealed.

Mark and Carly at Pennyhill Park.

The brand new Mr. and Mrs.

In case you were wondering, Simon Alexander was the cause of much merriment. He’s brilliant, if you’re planning a wedding, give him a call.

A couple of favourite detail shots.

I love receiving lines. I feel a caption competition coming on…

There are few things more scary than the Powerpoint presentation of embarrassing photo’s. Best Man Richard takes to the stage.

The happy couple take to the dance floor.

Thanks again Carly and Mark, have a brilliant time in the Far East!

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