Danesfield House Wedding Photography | Sophie & James

Wow, the hottest wedding of the year so far for me as I was in Marlow photographing Sophie and James’ fabulous wedding. I shot some pictures of Sophie and the girls at Danesfield House before moving onto the pub by the church (always a good move) to catch James, Nick and the ushers. After the ceremony, it was back to Danesfield House for a beautiful afternoon on the terrace. Here’s a few favourites from the day. If you were at the wedding and would like to know when the full gallery is uploaded click here.

In the meantime, thanks for choosing me S&J, and have a brilliant time in the Far East :)

I love this picture of Sophie’s veil in her room at Danesfield

Sophie, in the morning before leaving for the church.

The boys leave the pub. Like Reservoir Dogs but not as scary. Must be the hats.

James’ nan, just before the ceremony, giving him a clean hanky. Bless :)
A capacity crowd at St. John the Baptist, Little Marlow.

The very picturesque Danesfield House.

The new Mr. and Mrs.

James’ Dad’s pride and joy, an original E-Type. Sorry about the bride and groom in the way…

Some serious competition at this wedding :)

The view from the grounds of the hotel

I call this picture ‘Small Boy entranced by Violins’. Or something.

The breathtaking Versailles Room was the venue for the Wedding breakfast.

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