Some Commercial Work

My speciality, it might be obvious, is people photography. Whilst 95% of my work is wedding and portrait, I occasionally find time to shoot some commercial photography. It’s mainly for websites these days and we provide web ready images as well as the full size files for print use.

Tuesday was spent in subtropical Oxforshire at the Weston Park Hotel. The last time I was here was for a December wedding and needless to say, it was slightly different this time. Today’s client needed mini-portfolios for 12 of their new sales team. We did some inside shots and then I took them outside for individual portrait sessions. Their idea, and it’s a nice one, is that their website will have microsites dedicated to each person. So that was my brief today. We finished off with relaxed group shots before I completely melted in the heat.

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  1. John Warner

    Excellent photos that depict a wonderful wedding day. I love the different facial expressions captured at precious moments.

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