Silchester House Wedding Photography | Marty and Geoff

floral decorations at silchester house wedding


Geoff and Marty tied the knot today in the relaxed surroundings of Silchester House, one of my favourite wedding venues. Marty and Geoff were great to work with – I am really lucky, I seem to get all the nice brides and grooms :) The changeable weather had us all a bit concerned in the morning but I am pleased to say the breeze blew all the clouds away and the afternoon was great. It was lovely to see Marty’s 101 year old dad there at the wedding to give her away and all the family and friends there to wish them well.


Here are a few favourite wedding photographs from the day. The complete gallery gets posted as soon as Marty and Geoff get back from honeymoon. If you were at the wedding and would like to see the pictures **CLICK HERE** and I will drop you a line.


Geoff outside Silchester House.

The father of the bride arrives – Marty was so glad he could make it today.

The FOB, spruced up for the wedding.

A few finishing touches for the bride.

Butter wouldn’t melt eh?

Time to go :)


family photography at silchester house wedding


Out in to the grounds of Silchester House for some portraits.


Everyone :) Lovely to have all the family and guests in one photograph. My experience has been that it will be many years (or decades) before the couple see half of them again.

In to the wedding meal


wedding speeches






Have a fantastic time in France Marty and Geoff – drop me a line when you are back.

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