Aurelia and Tom - A Syon Park Wedding

The flowers (like the shoes) are things that end the day in a very different state than at the beginning of the day.
The brides mother and grandfather on the morning of the wedding.
Bridal preparations for a London wedding
Those peaceful moments on the morning of the wedding go so quickly.

A great idea for keeping small bridesmaids happy!

Last minute advice from the chief bridesmaid…

The friends and relatives gather.
The mother of the bride and her amazing hat :)

The groom and his friends arrive – looking back on these images will remind them of how they felt at this moment.

You will have chosen the venue for some very good reasons – I’ll reflect that in the photographs.

There are many fleeting things on a wedding day – it’s so important to preserve these forever in a photograph.

Shiny, brand new wedding ring!

Family photographs, often seen as old fashioned, can become the most treasured of all.

A few moments together before the big entrance.

Our parents and loved ones all have little gestures that we know so well, It’s wonderful to have images that show this.

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