Savoy Hotel Wedding Photography

One wonderful thing about photographing weddings for a living is that one week you can be at a small country hotel and the next week, well, at The Savoy. Working in the middle of London is very different from a lot of my weddings, it has a very different atmosphere particularly when the wedding is in a hotel steeped in history like the Savoy. You might know that it was restored a few years to the tune of £220 million and it looks fabulous.

My bride and groom this weekend don’t like to be in the public eye so there are no people pictures I am afraid. Such a shame as I have some beautiful photographs for the couple but can’t show any online :(

I’ve photographed for the family before so it was a pleasure to see  some familiar faces at the wedding. Everyone was lovely and it was a genuine pleasure to be there. You’ll have to use your imagination but the photographs of the ceremony are great, if I say so myself :) – wonderful to see so much love and support for the bridal party from the family and friends. I am having a good time editing and processing  the photographs of the wild dancing, the walk along the Thames and the amazing party (accompanied by a terrific band).

Here are a couple of images to give you a flavour of the setting.


The famous frontage of The Savoy, just off The Strand.

savoy hotel main entrance photosavoy-hotel-wedding-photographers-002

A view of the hotel from The Embankment.

savoy hotel photograph from the Thames

Some detail shots from the wedding – amazing flowers and more.

Savoy Hotel wedding flowers

The Lancaster Ballroom. An incredible space for a wedding reception. It seats around 300 but we had considerable less than that so there was lots of room.

Savoy Hotel Lancaster Ballroom wedding photos

Thanks go to my (mystery) bride and groom for trusting me with their wedding memories :) and to their lovely family and friends for making me feel so welcome.


If you are thinking of getting married at The Savoy, please get in touch and check if your date is free.

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