Elvetham Wedding Photography | Sally and Noel

My friend Rob asked me to shoot alongside him today. I was happy to help out – his wife is almost 9 months pregnant and I was there juuusst in case…

Rob is an accomplished photographer and didn’t really need me there, but of course I shot some pictures as well. We were at the Elvetham in Hartley Witney, just down the road from me. The hotel looked great on this frosty January day, the open fires were particularly welcoming. Noel and Sally were very laid back and easy to photograph, we had a good time and as always it was fun working alongside Rob. Here’s a few of my favourites from the day.

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elvetham exterior photograph
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elvetham wedding guests photo
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groom photo at the elvetham

elvetham bridesmaid photo
elvetham wedding guests photograph
bride and groom portrait photo at the elvetham

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