Ryan and Bryony’s Wedding at Winchester Register Office

winchester-register-officePart one of two! Bryony and Ryan got married today in a small ceremony at the very nice register office in Winchester on Castle Hill. The civil ceremony was followed the next day by their ‘proper’ wedding celebrations at West Stoke Farm near Winchester (hold tight for a separate blog post coming soon).

Because they were there to complete the legal side of things only, it was a fairly small family contingent that attended the register offic. It was good to be there though, just because it was a small, fairly brief ceremony doesn’t mean the memories of the day are any less precious in the years to come.

One thing about getting older is that even though you know you are getting older, most of us tend to ignore the fact :) until something obvious happens – being unable to pick things off the floor (and puffing gently whilst attempting), holding your reading material ever close to your face, ignoring the grey hairs as a ‘trick of the light’ and so on.

The old cliché about policemen starting to look younger is, I am sorry to report to younger readers, quite true as well and when I met Bryony and Ryan that afternoon about 15 minutes before the wedding ceremony, my first impression was how young they were. I know from experience that things that happened in my early twenties seem such a long way away now and in thirty years time, todays bride and groom will look back at their wedding day and it will seem as though it happened in another lifetime.

The registrar at Winchester was very nice and efficient and it seemed like only five minutes before we were back outside in Castle Hill. A few family photographs and that part of the day was over. I was already looking forward to the second ‘wedding’ the following day. As promised – photographs coming soon :)







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