A Royal Visit to Ufton Court

Today I was asked to photograph a visit by the Earl and Countess of Wessex to Ufton Court Educational Trust. Ufton Court is a children’s charity and is also one of my favourite local wedding venues. I know the place really well and it’s always a pleasure to see Mary and team there each time I visit.

It was a little different today of course, employees of Ufton, patrons, various assorted council officials and children from local schools all gathered to welcome the Earl and Countess to the site. Amongst other things Ufton provides outdoor experiences for schools,  disabled and underprivileged children, giving them a valuable break from everyday life and helping build their self confidence and independence.

It was a beautiful day today, I am so glad the weather held out for everyone. I’ve attended a few royal visits in my time and I am always impressed at how hard the the the members of the royal family work. It’s a cliché but they are so skilled at putting everyone at ease and seem to understand how big a deal it is for all those involved, young and old. It must be exhausting (I think today’s visit was one of three engagements for the couple) but I was struck how professionally they conducted the visit.

I’m back at Ufton Court in a few weeks for the wedding of Kane and Cheryl, which will be a totally different affair to photograph of course, but enjoyable as always.

…and here’s a slideshow of the visit –

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  1. Rich

    Nice reportage coverage of an event, Simon…

    1. simonkempadmin

      Thanks Rich.

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