Pregnancy Photography – Connie & Ian (and bump)

It’s been a little while since I photographed a bump so it was lovely to welcome Connie and Ian to my studio to shoot some pregnancy photographs. It’s a lovely thing to do and is a beautiful precursor to newborn pictures which we are planning to photograph in about 9 or 10 weeks. I often think that it’s really sad if you grow up without any photographs of yourself as a baby. Not so common now but I’ve spoken to a few people of my parents generation when film cameras for some were an expensive luxury and often no images exist of their babyhood and youth.

I think Connie and Ian have made a great start to the family heirloom which a treasured photograph album becomes. It’s easy these days not to ever print a digital photograph but I love the fact that the tangible nature of a hand made print or book is something that won’t crash or get corrupted and is always there to pass on to the younger members of the family. I am pretty sure the new baby will appreciate these ‘beginning’ images, especially when he/she is old enough to have children of their own.

A couple of favourites from the session.

More portrait images on my portrait photography website.

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