Power Down

The electricity was cut today for nearly 9 hours, the longest I can remember in quite a while. It is so strange how dependent we are on electricity and fail to notice that on a daily basis. I had to dig an old phone out of the garage that didn’t need batteries to work. Strangely the mobile coverage, though normally good, dropped right off in the area as well. Naturally I was unable to use any of my computers, photography these days is 100% dependent on digital technology, so it was kind of a strange afternoon. Apologies by the way if you tried to contact us by phone and got no answer.

The children were quite bemused by it all, though were quite adaptable as children are, they didn’t seem to mind that much. My daughter Evie enjoyed being a ‘Victorian girl’, climbing the stairs to bed with a candle! I contemplated enhancing the experience by sending her up the chimney to clean it, but she wasn’t having any of that.

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