Portrait Photography – Baby Kelsie

Here;s a couple of favourite images from baby Kelsie’s first portrait session. Little Kelsie’s first few weeks were spent in hospital, firstly at the Royal Berkshire in Reading but then she was transferred to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. She had to undergo heart surgery at only a couple of weeks of age but I am pleased to say the little munchkin is doing very well as is her mum and both are at home now and she continues to thrive :)

baby portrait photograph

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  1. Ida

    Beautiful light on the second photo. Best wishes, Ida

  2. Marilyn Kemp

    The photos that Simon has taken of our granddaughter are delightful, entrancing! We are all thrilled. We will use one of the photos to give to the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit at John Radcliffe, where Kelsie had her surgery, to encourage parents of other seriously ill children.

  3. Colin

    Excellent pics mate and I hope the little one’s fighting fit, my niece’s little one had much the same problem a couple of years back, but she’s perfectly well now and you’d never know she’d ever been ill.

    Best regards to you Tiff and the littlies xx.

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