Pennyhill Park Hotel Wedding Photographer | Michelle and Vinny

So what happened to the weather today? I can’t believe how beautiful it was, it felt like a foreign country, the light was so clear and crisp.

Michelle and Vinny live in Epsom with their boy Frankie and the ceremony was held just down the road at the Christ Church and afterwards at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot. The three of them are sunning themselves in Crete at the moment and I am looking forward to showing them the pictures when they get back. Here’s some that caught my eye when I was downloading the images after the wedding.

The beautiful dress. I love these kind of scene setting images.
In a similar vein, here’s a close up of Michelles lilies (or is that ‘lilys’)? Someone help me out here.

Frankie. Just after a snack – could you guess? This is real life, folks.

Yay, granny’s here :)

Vinny and the boys.

Hard work, getting married. Vinny feels the pressure.

Frankie makes a break for freedom.

“Are we nearly there yet?”

The “I can’t believe we’ve done it!” moment.

Freshly married and released into the wild. I love the backlighting in this picture.

The new Mr. and Mrs. arrive at the hotel in style.

The gorgeous bride.

I knew my high jump skills would come in useful one day.

Come to momma!

The official post wedding family picture.

Have a brilliant time in Crete, thanks for having me along on the day – see you when you get back :)

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