Pennyhill Park Wedding Photography | Karen & Derek

The wedding of Karen and Derek was held today at Pennyhill Park Hotel in Bagshot. Any fears over the weather were dispelled as the afternoon grew warmer and we ended up with a lovely sunny afternoon and a beautiful reception on the terrace at the hotel.

K & D have four children between them and with the other children at the wedding I confess to losing count at times :) I was really pleased with the pictures from today and am looking forward to showing them to Karen and Derek when they get back from honeymoon in Crete. If you were at the wedding and would like to know when the complete gallery is uploaded, click here to let me know.

A few favourites from the day:

Sparkly shoes!

The boys…

…on the way.

The groom!

Whirling bridesmaids.

Karen, receiving her final interrogation, sorry – briefing – from the registrar.

I love the position of everyone in this shot. Like they’d been arranged like that.

Check out Karen’s unusual dress. She designed it herself :)

You can feel the sunshine in this shot.

Aaah, newlyweds eh?

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  1. Robert Burress

    Excellent use of a fisheye…why can’t everyone use a fisheye properly. Cracking shot!

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