Pennyhill Park Hotel Wedding | Louise and Elliot

pennyhill-park-wedding-2Louise and Elliott got married at Pennyhill Park Hotel near Bagshot today. It’s always lovely to return to Pennyhill, I’ve been photographing weddings there for a long time now. Although I know the buildings and grounds extremely well, nothing stays still for long and a couple of years ago the hotel built a pavilion on the terrace for outdoor wedding ceremonies. The wedding pavilion was Plan A today but unfortunately it was a little wet prior to the ceremony so the wedding had to be shifted into the library room at Pennyhill. Outdoor ceremonies are lovely but so is the beautiful library at Pennyhill, very atmospheric and a wonderful place to get married.

Needless to say, it all went off splendidly and if Louise and Elliott were disappointed at not getting married outside, they certainly didn’t let it show. Fortunately, the sun came out just after the wedding ceremony had finished and the friends and family were able to enjoy the afternoon. Pennyhill Park is one of those wedding venues that is beautiful inside and out but I am glad everyone got to enjoy drinks on the terrace in the afternoon.

The wedding meal and the evening was spent in the Windsor and Eton rooms downstairs which is a great place for a party. It overlooks the pool and spa areas of the hotel and is out of the way of the main part of the hotel which is great.

Dubai and the Maldives are the honeymoon destination for Louise and Elliott and I hope they have a terrific time and get to see these few favourite images when they return.



A slightly damp Pennyhill Park Hotel on the morning of the wedding.


The Terrace Wedding Pavilion – rain coming down, but thankfully only for a short while.


Some favourite getting ready photographs from the morning of the wedding.


Louise’s dad sees her for the first time in her wedding dress.


The bridesmaids April and Helen did a great job helping Louise get dressed.


Meanwhile downstairs, Elliott and Best Man Ben arrive.


Elliott the groom. Top hat and tails.



The beautiful bride, all ready to go.


Matching toastmaster and bridesmaids. And fire extinguisher.


Some pre-ceremony nerves kick in…


…and not just for Louise :)


And outside on to the terrace for the wedding reception.


Family photographs are always a pleasure to do at weddings. It such a rare time everyone gets together that images like these grow in value as the years go by.


We took a few minutes out of the limelight for some bride and groom photographs in and around the hotel.



The Windsor and Eton room all set up for the wedding breakfast.


The bride and grooms first dance. When suddenly…



Thanks again Louise and Elliott, I hope the honeymoon is a great success and I will see you soon!








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