Orchardleigh House Wedding Photography – Gemma and Luke

orchardleigh house wedding photo

Congratulations to the lovely Gemma and Luke who got married today at Lullington Church and held their wedding reception at nearby Orchardleigh House. It was to work outside my usual area today and lovely to photograph at Orchardleigh House, a venue I’d not worked at before. Having shot over 600 weddings, I have worked at a tremendous variety of places over the years and it’s lovely to come somewhere fresh and to photograph at a location for the first time.

It was a pretty relaxed day; Luke and Gemma were great to work with. It was marvellous to see them celebrate their special day with their extended family and friends. This time of year is great (my own wedding was in September) and if the weather is kind as it was for Gemma and Luke’s wedding then a great time is usually had by all.

Here’s a few favourites from the day. If you were at the wedding and would like to know when the complete gallery of pictures is uploaded **CLICK HERE** and I will drop you a line.


The characterful Orchardleigh House was the venue for the wedding celebrations.

Favourite shoe shot of the year I think.

The girls were impressed with Gemma’s dress. So was everyone else come to that.

Baby Holly in the safe hands of Granddad Tony.

Gemma ammeG

Meanwhile over at the boys quarters it was a relaxed atmosphere for the morning of the wedding.

Just before the ceremony – the guests arrive…

…swiftly followed by the beautiful bride.

Up the path and into the church.

STOP! (In the name of love…)

David the vicar (who was great by the way), checks that Gemma is fashionably late.

A couple of favourite images from the ceremony in the church in Lullington.

Formalities completed it’s back to Orchardleigh for the wedding reception.

We took a few minutes to photograph the brand new Mr. and Mrs. in and around the grounds.

I love photographing receptions, guests and family mingle and chat before the meal and it’s a great time to capture that atmosphere. Here’s a few pictures that caught my eye.

It’s the details that make the difference – the wedding meal was beautifully set up, here’s a couple of favourite detail shots.

Check out the good looking dudes at the reception.

A quick check in the mirror before the meal.

The speeches were great, Gemma’s dad kicked things off. Just a short speech then…

I’m happy to report that Luke wasn’t stitched up (too much) by best man Stuart (R)

Luke’s dad Tony gave a terrific, heartfelt speech…

….I love the reactions, almost as much fun to photograph as the guys making the speeches.

The other speeches were great but Luke more than held his own :)

Top thaumaturge and amazing magician Rob James performed some amazing magic in the evening.

Rob does his stuff…

…keeping the guests amused…

…and nicking the odd watch as well.

The first dance. Altogether now – aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!

Gemma and Minky hit the dance floor.

A great party rounded off the evening.

Thanks again for booking me Gemma and Luke!

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