New Mill, Eversley – Alison and Will’s Wedding

Alison and Will got married today at the lovely St. Andrews Church in Sonning, just outside Reading. Will stayed at the Bull Inn, right next door to the churchyard so there was no excuse for being late. It’s a pretty impressive church – you can feel the history oozing from the walls. Afterwards we were off to the New Mill in Eversley. I first shot a wedding there about ten years ago and it’s a favourite location, tucked away off the main road and right up by the river.

I started the day off at Alison’s parents house just down the road from the church, it’s always nice to get some images of the preparation from the day. I think it’s also cool that the bride and groom get to see a little of each others morning as well. Here’s a few favourites from the day. If you attended the nuptials and would like an email when the complete gallery is uploaded, ** click here**.


A wedding dress and some beautiful shoes.

Details, details…

On with the makeup

Meanwhile at the church.

The interior of the beautiful St. Andrews in Sonning.

Vicars love bubbles, no confetti to sweep up.

The New Mill, Eversley. Since 1577!

The very new Mr. and Mrs.

My unbroken record of 100% rain-free weddings in 2010 continues.

A couple of reception favourites

Will and the lads.

A souvenir chocolate bar for the guests. The photo is from Will and Alison’s engagement photo session.

Thanks again Will and Alison, have a brilliant honeymoon!

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