Monkey Island Wedding – Victoria and Richard

So there I am on our Easter holiday in Barbados and the day we are due back I hear this ludicrous sounding story about volcanic ash. Turns out the story was true of course and after being stranded for an additional week (I know, I know, it’s a rough life) we managed to get home eventually. In the meantime uppermost in my mind was the worry of missing my booked weddings – it would have been the first time in sixteen years.

One benefit of being a working professional is that I have a great network of fellow professional photographers that I am a part of. Thank goodness for the technology in today’s phones, even on a far flung Caribbean island I was able to access my calendar and contacts via Her Majesty’s interweb. My thumbs were a blur, texting like a teenager to rearrange things and I managed to get two great photographer friends lined up as replacements. Fortunately after a few uh, interesting travel adventures we managed to get home by Thursday just in time for the weekends weddings.

It was with huge sense of relief that I set off for Victoria and Richard’s beautiful wedding at St. Michael’s and Monkey Island in Bray in Berkshire. Fuelled by caffeine and adrenaline I really enjoyed the St. George’s day wedding. The weather was great, V and R were a joy to work with, very relaxed about the whole thing. The day, like all weddings, went far too quickly. Here are a few favourite images. The rest will be uploaded as soon as Richard and Victoria have seen them.

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At Victoria’s parents house in the morning. Portrait of the father of the bride!

Bridesmaid Ruby and her new frock.

The natural habitat of the groom. Richard and friends in the pub.

I like the composition of this image.

A single man, on the way to the church.

A couple of favourites at the church. The bridal party arrives (L) During the wedding the doors were left open. (R)

At Monkey Island you have to have your picture taken on the bridge. It’s the law.

The brand new Mr. and Mrs.

The wedding signature book went down well.

Pesky paparazzi…

Bridesmaid Ruby on the run.

V & R get a few minutes to themselves before going into the meal.

The wedding breakfast begins.

She’s laughing at his jokes – these two were made for each other.

Best Man Paul gives it some welly during his speech.

And last of all, the first dance…

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