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wedding reception at headley park

Hot on the heels of my English Wedding Blog publication (last post) I was again really pleased to see that featured a wedding photograph of mine from Ali and Matt’s wedding at Headley Park a couple of years ago. Moment Junkie is a website devoted to capturing those unique wedding day moments that happen in a split second and are gone. There are some great pictures from some superb photographers there, well worth a look if you have five minutes.

Wedding photojournalism is all about capturing moments at the right time. Often I hear that brides think the photographer engages the motordrive at warp speed and ‘machine guns’ every occurrence on the wedding day in the hope of getting a picture. They call it the ‘spray and pray’ approach :)

Nothing could be further from the truth. One of the benefits of being a highly experienced wedding photographer is that I have learned to anticipate images and pride myself on being in the right place at the right time. Photographing many hundreds of weddings has given me a sense of when things are going to happen and to be there when it matters.

Quality wedding photography is all about picking the right moments to shoot. I think it’s important for a wedding photographer to remain unobtrusive and low key during the wedding ceremony particularly but also at the wedding reception. It’s also important to not get in the way too much. If you get this approach right, I find people ignore you (in a nice way I am sure!) and this is invaluable in capturing those moments and those interactions that would otherwise go unrecorded.

If you would like to check out my photograph that they kindly published, please click here.



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