Mark & Mari’s Wedding

Mark and Mari got married today at the Great House Sonning. I like working there, there’s a beautiful walk alongside the river just around the corner from the hotel and it’s a relaxing place to take a wander and shoot some pictures. Mari is from Finland so there was a sizeable contingent of Finns at the wedding. Mari and Mark are off to Barcelona on honeymoon and the rest of their pictures will be uploaded after they get back. In the meantime here’s some images of the day that caught my eye.

The boys get ready

Number one priority for the best man is a pair of comedy glasses for the speeches

Mark the groom, looking far too relaxed for a man about to get married :)
Mari and the entourage roll up
A reading during the ceremony. Looks like the registrar (bottom right) has dozed off :)

Grandad and Millie keeping an eye on the proceeedings
The happy couple!
…swanning around by the river
It’s a tough life being newly weds

Random I know, I just liked the patterns

The bee-yoo-ti-full bride
Mari and daughter Millie. Not sure who Millie thinks she’s on the phone to but isn’t she a cutie?.
And off into the sunset :)
Leave a note in the comments below or email me if you would like to know when the complete gallery gets uploaded!

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