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I popped into my studio this morning for a clean and tidy before the busy coming week and tidying up behind the shelves that hold my wedding albums, I came across a hand made print that had fallen down behind the furniture.

It was a little bent and quite dusty so I thought I would scan it and clean off the dust marks on the computer. I am sorry to say I don’t remember the bride and groom’s names. I am pretty sure however that it was taken at the little church of St. Margarets in Mapledurham and would have been spring or early summer.

Because it was shot on film, it must have been 16 or 17 years ago I think, and would have photographed on my trusty Leica M6 at the time. The bride and groom had got into the wedding car and drove off up the leafy lane back to the main road between Reading and Oxford. I love the blur caused by the speeding car, I feel looking back at the image that it’s symbolic of the start of married life for this bride and groom, speeding off in to an unknown future. We never really know in life what’s around the corner, the future is, as they say, just an illusion. It hasn’t happened yet and because the past is finished and over with, all we really have is the present, the moment in time that we occupy at any given second.

I like this photograph because it is very much of the moment. I could wax lyrical about how a photographic image captured by way of a chemical process has more ‘soul’ than a cold, clinical digital file but the fact remains that these little moments on a wedding day are the things that we look back on which can trigger the memories of the day.

Like too many of my brides and grooms, sadly I don’t know how their story continued but I am sure they look back on their wedding in the mid 1990’s with affection and I do hope they still enjoy looking at the photographs together.


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