Katrina & Tony tie the knot!

Katrina and Tony’s wedding today was at the church in Taplow and afterwards at the Edwardian Marquee in Bray. It was a very stylish wedding, they had a piper at the church to announce Katrina’s arrival and there was a horse and carriage between the venues – fortunately the weather was kind to us and all went smoothly.

The marquee by the banks of the Thames was a great location, enough space for everyone to enjoy the summer afternoon and room for the kids to run around as well.

Tony and Katrina are off to the Far East for three weeks honeymoon. I did offer to come with them and take pictures but strangely enough they declined my kind offer :)

Here’s a few favourite shots of the hundreds we took today. As usual the whole gallery will be uploaded on K and T’s return. You can leave a comment below or email me and I will let you know when their gallery is available for viewing.

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