Louisa and Richard’s wedding at Heron’s Farm near Pangbourne.

A whirlwind romance :)


herons-farm-wedding-photographers-001Lou and Richard tied the knot today at Herons Farm, a lovely rural barn wedding venue in Berkshire. They’ve been engaged almost 17 years so today’s wedding celebration was a long time coming! Herons Farm, co-located with riding stables is an informal, laid back rustic location which lends itself to a relaxed wedding reception. You can get married on the lawn outside the house or in the barn as happens with most weddings. It was a pleasure to be there on the day, pretty cold in the morning, it snowed first thing but was all gone in the morning. I couldn’t believe how clear and blue the sky was after the ceremony and it was a pleasure to create some images outside the barn and down the path past the stables. Lou and Richard were a pleasure to work with, very relaxed about the whole day and not hung up on too much of the usual wedding protocol and traditions.

Ably looked after by Charlotte and the team from RS Catering the day went really smoothly.

Going through the wedding photographs, here’s some images that caught my eye and I felt summed up the day. I hope they enjoy the images for decades to come.

The extremely fierce farm house guard dog.


I liked the beautiful detail on the shoes.




A few minutes before the ceremony.herons-farm-wedding-photographers-015herons-farm-wedding-photographers-016herons-farm-wedding-photographers-017barn wedding photosherons-farm-wedding-photographers-019herons-farm-wedding-photographers-020herons-farm-wedding-photographers-021herons-farm-wedding-photographers-022herons-farm-wedding-photographers-023herons-farm-wedding-photographers-024herons-farm-wedding-photographers-025herons-farm-wedding-photographers-026herons-farm-wedding-photographers-027

Ben provided some great background music.


Thank goodness the rain held off and the snow had long melted. It was lovely to take a quick walk around the farm for some portraits of the newly weds.herons-farm-wedding-photographers-030herons-farm-wedding-photographers-031herons-farm-wedding-photographers-032

Back at the barn.



The RS Catering team prepared some amazing food for the day.herons-farm-wedding-photographers-038herons-farm-wedding-photographers-039

Speech time!herons-farm-wedding-photographers-040herons-farm-wedding-photographers-041herons-farm-wedding-photographers-042herons-farm-wedding-photographers-043herons-farm-wedding-photographers-044herons-farm-wedding-photographers-045herons-farm-wedding-photographers-047herons-farm-wedding-photographers-048

I don’t know either. Probably an obscure wedding tradition I don’t know about.



Some wild shapes were thrown.

herons-farm-wedding-photographers-046herons-farm-wedding-photographers-052herons-farm-wedding-photographers-053herons-farm-wedding-photographers-054herons-farm-wedding-photographers-055herons-farm-wedding-photographers-056herons farm barn at sunset

Thanks again Louisa and Richard, see you soon!

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  1. Sue & David Harris

    Love the photos. You’ve exactly captured the day. Can’t wait until I can see all of them. Tried for years to take current photo of my son and Lou and so thank you for doing such a beautiful job.

  2. simonkempadmin

    Thanks Sue and David, it was a pleasure to be there on the day. Thanks for your kind comments.

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