Herons Farm Wedding Photography | Marju and Christopher


There’s something really nice about a farm wedding that celebrates the rural English countryside. All kinds of wedding venues, from the middle of London to the deepest darkest countryside have their own kind of atmosphere of course but I think it’s always lovely for the guests and family to get away to a nice country wedding venue off the beaten track to celebrate a wedding ceremony.
Herons Farm lies not far from Pangbourne in Berkshire and is colocated with a riding school and stables. Today’s bride Marju loves horses so it was a natural choice for  her wedding to Christopher. Fortunately perfect weather conditions were in place for the outdoor ceremony. The day was already warming up when I arrived and the ceremony was accompanied by the sound of birdsong and you could hear the horses gently whinnying in an adjacent field.
Chris the groom is a talented musician and as I photographed the scene of the ceremony and some images of the wedding location, I could hear him and his sister-in-law Poulina rehearsing the songs they were going to sing during the ceremony. They were accompanied by cello and piano and it added a lovely touch the picture perfect wedding ceremony.
Another small wedding this week – around 35 family and close friends from all corners of the globe – South Africa, Australia, Sweden and elsewhere. The nice thing about this size of celebration is that everyone is present because the bride and groom really want them there. The time for the meal in the Herons Farm barn came all too soon but it was a fun place to continue the celebrations. Apart from the groom several talented musicians were present and the evening went quickly with impromptu performances and speeches from some of the quests.
Without further ado here are some favourite wedding photographs from the day. Too many to choose from :) so it was tough to narrow them down.



Some favourite images taken just after I arrived at Herons Farm.


The perfect outdoor wedding ceremony location.


The groom warms up and has a little rehearsal before the guests arrive.


Today’s beautiful bride.



It was lovely (and very unusual for the U.K.) to see a ‘First Look’ moment. This is standard fare in the USA and other places but quite rare here. The bride and groom meet privately before the wedding ceremony. It’s nice that they have a few moments to see each other for the first time that day and of course it was a pleasure to photograph.


Marju and Dad on the way to the ceremony.


Blue skies, no clouds. Perfect September weather.


Chris sings his heart out.  I think she was impressed…


Another unusual wedding ceremony touch was the wedding box. The couple each wrote a letter to each other and sealed it in a padlocked box to be opened if, in the future, times got tough and they needed a little reassurance and reminder of their love. They kept one key and their respective mothers held the other two. I thought this was a lovely, romantic idea.





We had a few minutes together around the farmyard for some bride and groom portraits. The sun was low in the sky and it was a lovely time of day to take pictures.


Into the barn for the wedding breakfast.


A storm of bubbles greeted the bride and groom.


A couple of songs and a couple of speeches and the wedding meal was underway.


The traditional ‘hooking the laptop up to the projector’ delay.


If you’d prefer, here’s a slideshow of the day.

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