Ellie and Matt’s Beautiful Wedding at Hedsor House

photograph of hedsor houseI’ll be honest, the morning didn’t look great when I turned up at Hedsor House, near Taplow in Buckinghamshire to photograph Ellie and Matt’s wedding day. Hedsor House is a wonderfully picturesque venue (it’s been used as a location for more than a few films) and the gardens are great.

Of course, any bride and groom is going to be disappointed if the weather is less than friendly (especially at this time of year) and it’s scant comfort to know that the interior of Hedsor is beautiful and spacious. It’s easy for someone like me to say that the weather is by far the least important part of the day but really, it’s the truth. The same things I always write about aren’t affected by the weather. The family and friends that come and celebrate the day with you, the reception drinks and the party in the evening. In an increasingly online world, it’s such a good thing to spend an extended period of time with your loved ones, socialising, chatting and catching up face to face.

I am pleased to say that although there were periods of rain, it dried out enough to spend some time outside and enjoy some of the parkland at Hedsor. When I found out that poor Ellie had been up half the night not feeling well, I felt so sorry for her – she did wonderfully though and didn’t let any tiredness show. A short kip after the meal was all that was needed to see her through the day :)  Both Matt and Ellie were wonderful – it was clear that family and friends are important to them and I think this shows through in the photographs. It was a great pleasure to share their day with them and to photograph the wedding. Here as always are a few favourite wedding photos!


Beautiful Hedsor House


Ellie and the girls getting ready. 12 bridesmaids!




Chief Bridesmaid Laura is in charge…
Meanwhile down stairs, Matt and the boys prepare for the ceremony.
The dashing groom.


Pageboy Dom’s shoes. I’m very jealous. Green with envy you could say.
The Bridal Party. Ellie and her Mum, brother Dom and the girls.
The beautiful bride.
The guests gather in the hall downstairs.





Little moments like this are great – a sidelong glance from Ellie at the beginning of the ceremony.
I love the intensity of the expression here. It looks to me like Ellie never wants to forget this moment.
The deal is sealed.
A quick fag break for one of the guests. Rumbled :)



Hedsor Hall looks fantastic set up for the wedding meal.
Outside for a few photographs – with pink heart shaped umbrellas!
Dinner is served. Then speech time!

A few wedding reception favourites.hedsor-house-wedding-photographers-058hedsor-house-wedding-photographers-059

A beautiful double rainbow appeared over Hedsor after the meal.


The amazing cake was cut and then some pretty amazing dancing followed. Rugs were cut and shapes were thrown.


That’s all for now – thanks again Ellie and Matt! See you soon.

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