Heather and Ashraf’s Wedding Day at the Millhouse Hotel in Swallowfield

millhouse-hotel-wedding-photos-001Another visit to a favourite local wedding venue today as I was asked to photograph Heather and Ashraf’s wedding at The Millhouse Hotel in Swallowfield, south of Reading.

One pleasures of my job is the variety of weddings I am asked to photograph. This year has been particularly great with lots of variety. One week it might be 300 guests in a London hotel, the next, a wedding in a barn in Somerset. Today’s wedding was a small celebration at the waterside hotel which is near to my studio. Every wedding is genuinely different. Obviously there’s approximately the same setup – a ceremony, usually a meal and a reception but above that it’s the people who have chosen to join the bride and groom on their wedding day that contribute most to the atmosphere. Today was a lovely day the The Millhouse, a very relaxed celebration and it was great to be there to document the wedding.

Ash’s family is from Mauritius and unfortunately the family couldn’t attend. It was nice to see his sister Sannyah here though,  who attended as a bridesmaid. Ash set up a Skype connection with his phone for the ceremony so they were able to watch from home which was brilliant – we do live in a great age for connecting with family and friends. I remember the first time technology allowed us to post images online for the family to view and how I heard that this was a terrible idea because it meant a trip to the library in town to use a computer :) It didn’t take long for us all to have this ability in our pockets of course and it’s wonderful that friends and family all over the world can share something of the wedding day.

Heather and Ash are a lovely couple, very relaxed about the whole day. It’s not often you hear a bridesmaid say “how would you like your hair done then?” to a bride half an hour before the ceremony :) Normally these things are decided and rehearsed many weeks before the wedding!

Heather made her own wedding dress as well – amazing. She said that at least she knew it would fit :) Once again the weather was amazing for this time of the year. We’ve had a great summer and it’s so nice it seems to be continuing in to the Autumn. I was so pleased it stayed nice for the couple and their guests. As always I am pleased to post a few favourite photographs from the day – if you were at the wedding and would like to see the complete gallery of photographs, drop me a line and I will let you know when they’re uploaded.


Ashraf gets ready.


From rural Berkshire to the Indian Ocean. Technology is amazing these days.


Meanwhile upstairs….millhouse-hotel-wedding-photos-013


Ashraf – so laid back :)


Too much competition these days…




A few reception favourites.


We took a wander down the garden to make the most of the gardens.


It’s like a motorcycle outrider. But different.


Sleeping baby. The best kind :)


Heather and Ash had a beautiful purple theme. It tones with my website, so I approve.


Thanks again Mr. and Mrs. B.  Have a great time in Scotland.

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