Hayley and Fraser get married!

A beautiful bright breezy day today for Hayley and Frasers wedding celebrations. Although I carry maps in my car one of my most important photographic devices is the mighty satnav. The church was in the appropriately named village of Soulbury and tucked away in the wilds of Buckinghamshire was Nether Winchendon House where the reception took place. Leaving ludicrously early is all part of wedding photography though so all went fine on the day. Here’s afew pictures from the day that I liked.

I started the morning at Hayley’s parents house.

L). One impressive frock :) R). Bridesmaid Lucy gets sorted.

At least 3 admirers of the shoes.

The latest in bridal hairstyles. Sorry Hayley, you knew I was going to blog this picture didn’t you?!

Almost ready for the veil…

Meanwhile Fraser manages to escape from the pub.

Meeting his mum at the church.

Fraser and the lads. The new album is out soon.

A couple of images from inside the church.

The vicar was brilliant. Here he is getting Fraser’s name wrong. For the third time.

Hayley in the car.

Arriving at the reception.

Hayley amongst the…(wild guess) Hollyhocks? Foxgloves?? Help me out here.

A couple more favourite images of the beautiful bride.

No idea. If it wasn’t for the teacup I would hazard a guess that it’s probably something to do with excess alcohol consumption.

OK, so getting stitched up by one best man is bad enough. Here we have two. With matching books.

I love the expressions in these two images.

I look forward to posting the full and complete gallery of images when Mr. and Mrs. C. get back from their African adventure. If you’d like to get an email when that happens then clickez-vous ici.

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  1. Anonymous

    Awesome photos Hayley and Francis (!) look stunning !!!! LOL Mark & Gemma xxxx

  2. Anonymous

    The photographs are fantastic – can't wait to see the rest. Can the double chins be air-brushed out?????

  3. Anonymous

    The bride must be a model…The photos are fantastic and the one in church with bride and groom looking back at the congregation after the vicar used the wrong name is simply wonderful. Cant wait to see more.

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