Hampshire Wedding Photography – Victoria and Nick

Victoria and Nick got married today at Avington Park today under a cloudless blue sky. The venue of course was fantastic, beautiful inside with lovely grounds. Such a joy to be able to photograph outside although if it had been rainy we would have managed just fine inside. The ballroom is justly famous for it’s fabulous decoration; a memorable experience getting married there.

Vicky and Nick should be in Kenya en route to the Maldives by now – just the thing to cheer me up sat here in front of my computer :) Have a brilliant time V & N (if you read this) and give me a call when you get back.

Here are some images that jumped out at me going through the pictures from the day. As usual the complete gallery of images will be available on t’interweb just as soon as the bride and groom have seen them. If you were at the wedding and would like to know when the gallery is available **CLICK HERE** and I’ll send you an email.

An Autumn wedding venue. Victoria heading up the stairs.

A couple of detail shots:

Aren’t they bee-yoo-ti-ful?

In the ballroom looking up (reminds me – must get the Dulux out for the ceiling in the loo).

Nothing like unwrapping new shoes (L) Vicky’s dad (R) taking a day off from the farm

Nick and entourage arrive at the venue

A weird grab shot but I like it

Nick – a single man (for the next 20 minutes anyway).

The Avington Park Ballroom

The new Mr. and Mrs. sweep down the stairs after the ceremony

Great looking canapés eh?

A few minutes together

No special effects, flashes or fancy borders, just a couple of simple, soft informal windowlight portraits.

The lace detail in the dress was amazing and I really liked the choice of flowers for the bouqet

A couple of reception images. The drinking starts (L) and the jazz trombonist (R) who was acually pretty good despite the untucked shirt :)

That’s a “Yeeaahhh…..rrright.” expression.

The speeches start…

..Victoria wishes they would finish :)

I don’t usually post group shots on my blog but I loved the way the light kicked off the front of the building here to beautifully illuminate the bride and groom and guests.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Michael Peagram

    Very much enjoyed your photos of Nick and Vic's wedding at Avington Park. One becomes very used to the standard poses but your shots captured a really special day so well.

    (Also pleased to see that you studio is just around the corner from Grovelands Road, Spencer's Wood where we lived very happily from 1975-1989.)

  2. Liz Minors

    Lovely informal photos of a very happy day, so much nicer than the usual staged group photos.
    Sorry about the bride's dad's tee shirt I would have ironed it if I had known he was going to be photo'ed!

  3. James Zahra

    Excellent pictures of a lovely day – Great use of light and natural poses!

  4. Elizabeth Peagram

    Some excellent reminders of a fantastic day. I love the group photo as I think it expresses how much fun we all had.

  5. Ellie Glenday

    Lovely photos of Vic and Nick's wedding – great mix of formal and informal poses.

  6. Gary French

    Lovely photos – particularly like the one of bridesmaid with her godson enjoying the jazz.

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