Ham House Wedding Photos | Kate and Stuart (and Lucy)

wedding canapesI’m at lovely Ham House, a National Trust property in Richmond today for the wedding of Kate and Stuart. It must be quite a thing to have your wallet nicked the day before the wedding but Stuart was on great form when I arrived at the venue after visiting Kate at home. The organisation and catering at the wedding was carried out by the very able Caroline and Chris at Rhubarb Events and they did a fantastic job as usual.

Baby Lucy slept through the preparations which proved to be a good move as she was in fine form throughout the day. It was a pleasure to photograph Kate at home for a little of the bridal preparations. I’ve always said that the real value of wedding photographs is in, say, twenty or thirty years time and odds on that Kate and Stuart’s little family will be living elsewhere in the future. It’s so nice to photograph momentous life events like weddings as they define the notion of ‘a time and a place’ and images like these I hope will bring back the atmosphere of their Spring wedding and this particular chapter in their family life.

Clearly baby Lucy is not going to remember the day but the wedding photographs I know will be lovely to look through when she is older. Particularly because she is in the centre of it all, during the lovely wedding ceremony and the reception in the Orangery at the back of Ham House.


Kate’s parents were on hand at home to help with things in the morning as the big day started.

bridal preparations at homewedding shoesbeautiful wedding bouquetbride getting readybridal hair and makeupham-house-wedding-06

Just time for a quick breakfast before the big day starts properly.


A quick shot of Kate and her parents before heading for Ham House.


Ham House is a beautiful and atmospheric 17th Century property near the river in Richmond.


Stuart the Groom rocking a stylish blue suit.


The guests file in to the main hall for the wedding ceremony.


Life’s essentials: a loving grandma and a packet of crayons.


Kate and Dad John on their way around Ham House to the wedding ceremony.


I love that Lucy was present during the marriage itself. These images are going to be so important to her later in life.


One of my favourite images (above) from the wedding.


I love Kate’s “We’ve done it!” expresssion (above).


Freshly married and released in to the wild.


On the way to the Orangery through the beautiful gardens around the back of Ham House.


The Orangery and the kitchen garden (above) looked wonderful in the Spring sunshine.


Some reception favourites.


Some photographs of the brand new Mr. and Mrs. that caught my eye.


ham house gardens wedding photo

bride and groom at ham house wedding

The beautiful bride.


The bride and groom make their entrance for the wedding meal.


The food looked fantastic.

ham-house-wedding-44ham-house-wedding-45ham-house-wedding-46ham-house-wedding-47ham-house-wedding-48ham-house-wedding-49Thanks again Kate and Stuart – enjoy Paris!

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  1. isobel bell

    Probably the nicest wedding photographs I have ever seen. So natural and uncomplicated.

    1. simonkempadmin

      Thanks Isobel. Much appreciated!

  2. John and Gill Swindin

    Simon, thank you so much, we love the photos. Your style reflects so well the mood of that wonderfully happy occasion.

    1. simonkempadmin

      Thanks for your kind words John and Gill, it was a pleasure to be there on the day. All the best to you and the family.

  3. Stuart Bell

    Thank you so much for the photos, Simon. Kate and I love them, and have shared them with our friends from the wedding and everyone has commented on how amazing they are. They really are very good. I have to say, they are even better than our expectations, and our expectations were pretty high from your portfolio. A really excellent job!

  4. simonkempadmin

    Thanks for the comment Stuart – that’s very kind of you. I hope the photographs bring you much pleasure in the years and decades to come.

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