A gift to make your father smile (and maybe there will be a few tears as well…)

engagement-portrait-fathers-giftIt must be an emotional moment when you give your daughter away. I guess it’s one of those times that a father will remember all his life. My daughter is only 12 but I do remember one day about ten years ago when we were changing the bedding. She pulled a pillowcase on her head and pretended to be a bride. Now I’ve no idea if and when she is going to get married but I can identify so much with the father of the bride and his thoughts and feelings on the morning of the wedding. At the beginning of this new year we thought it would be a wonderful idea to create a gift you could give to your father (or whoever is giving you away) on the morning of the wedding which would sum up the relationship you have with them and create a little moment in the wedding day that will stay with him forever.

Have a look at our Father’s Pride gift and let me know if you feel this would be a perfect present for the person who means so much to you.


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