Gemma and Matteo get married at Lake Garda, Italy.



So it’s a bumper post of wedding photographs this week as I am pleased to give you a taster of some of my favourite images from Gemma and Matteo’s fantastic wedding on the shores of Lake Garda in northern Italy. I’d bumped into Gemma about a year ago and it turned out that she and Matteo lived very near to me and it was a great pleasure to be booked by them to photograph their wedding celebrations.

Even though a destination wedding in Europe is normally going to be a bigger investment perhaps than an equivalent wedding at home, it would be easy to cut back where you can. Fortunately the bride and groom had more sense than to economise on the photography :) the obvious things with this are that the wedding day goes by so quickly and everything happens only once. There’s no margin for error and it’s the only wedding related investment that stays with you for the rest of your married life together.

We stayed in the town of Bardolino on the eastern shores of Lake Garda. The bride and groom were preparing for the wedding at the Parc Hotel Germano in Bardolino before heading north to the lovely little lakeside town of Torri del Benaco where the wedding ceremony was to take place.

The day before the wedding didn’t look too promising – the skies were a bit cloudy and there were a couple of showers…


I took this photograph from the tower of the old church in Torri del Benaco where the wedding was to take place the next day. I was preparing for a rain day wedding :) but fortunately the day was fabulous (as you will see) and we all had agreat time.


The preparations are always fun to photograph. Gemma’s Louboutin’s, 1 of 3 pairs of shoes for the day(!) were ready and waiting.


Gemma and her dad and the girls at the hotel in the morning.


Over at the boys room, best man Sergio works on his speech.


Matteo and Sergio get ready.


Time is getting a little tight around now…


…but Gemma stays cool and calm.


Matt and his mum walk around the beautiful harbour to the wedding ceremony location.



…only to find the gates are locked :) the expression says it all.


Finally we get in and the wedding ceremony has been set up amongst the lemon groves at the foot of the castle walls.


Gemma and Dad Liam arrive in style.


The Italian registrar conducts the service accompanied by Debbie the wedding coordinator.


Italian paparazzi – much more skilled at camouflage than their English counterparts.





Time for celebratory drink.


Outside to the waiting guests.


Levitating bridesmaids :)


The wedding party retired to the nearby Ristorante Gardesana for the reception


One of my favourite photographs of Gemma and Matteo – down a backstreet in Torri del Benaco.

berkshire-wedding-photography-_1906berkshire-wedding-photography-_1905 The beautiful bride.


As the afternoon drew to a close, a trip to the reception by boat had been arranged.


With drinks on board, this went down very well.


Love the relaxed attitude to drinking and driving :)


Off the boat and ready for a speed hike to the hotel to avoid the gathering rain clouds.


(above) briefly considering alternative transport. A train and a train (ha ha).


It was wonderful, walking through the streets of Bardolino to the wedding reception at the Parc Hotel Germano. I especially enjoyed how locals and tourists stopped to watch and wish the happy couple well.


A polite ripple of applause from the waitresses at La Lanterna.


Phew. Finally at the hotel for the reception.


As the sun set, you could see the rain falling on the western shore of the lake.


The room for the wedding meal looked fabulous.


Possibly the biggest wedding cake I’ve seen this year.


Speech time!


Gemma and Matteo had booked a great band for the evening.


Matt’s dad – legend on the dance floor.


Ten points if you guess the song.lake-garda-wedding-photographers-109


Thanks again for booking me, G & M. I think we can consider the whole thing a huge success :) I look forward to showing you the complete set of photographs.

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