Film is a four letter word

So I have been shooting digitally for more than six years now. Prior to that I shot weddings for about ten years on film. There’s no argument that digital photography has so much more flexibility than film ever had, the state of the art cameras that I shoot with now are simply amazing in terms of their capability. It’s wonderful to be able to shoot handheld images at winter weddings that would have required a tripod and five seconds of exposure time just a few years ago. Added to that, things like the ability to post a complete set of images for viewing worldwide, is incredible given the limitations of the older analogue technology.

That said, there is a certain quality to a film image that can’t be replicated using digital capture. I find it hard to express, perhaps it is just imaginary, but there is a elusive feel to a film image that is simply different to one produced by pixel power. I don’t think it’s a case of better or worse – just different.

I have a few film cameras left so I dug one out and paid an exorbitant price for some black and white film and tried to remember how to load it. Weird shooting a roll of film for the first time in years. Here’s a favourite frame.

I’ll post some more as I put another couple of rolls through.

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  1. TAZ

    that picture could tell a thousand stories, very very good photo, not sure how else to describe it. it has a depth …..

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