Pennyhill Park Hotel Wedding | Catherine and Richard

Today’s wedding was in south London. Catherine and Richard live in New York and were back in the UK to tie the knot. Here’s some favourite images and more to come soon. Sorry for the brevity of this post, it’s late, late, late in the evening but I like to get some images up as soon as possible. Watch this space :)

Rich at the church, the impressive Sacred Heart in Wimbledon.

Right on time… (no chance for Richard to sweat).

See, I told you the church was impressive…

I love the lighting in this shot at the church door.

Stuart gets his picture taken.

One of my favourites from today.

The beautiful Catherine (check out those sizzlin’ Christian Louboutins).

Valentines Day eh?
Have a brilliant time in Thailand C&R, looking forward to catching up with you before you head back to NY.

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  1. Cristina

    Outstanding images! You have some captivating compositions – love your Valentine and the one on the bench. Your work rawks!

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