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awkward wedding moment

Photography has a unique property of freezing a moment forever. Unlike watching video footage which lays things out for you in a linear fashion and guides you along a path, a photographic moment allows your brain to immediately react to the image and create it’s own interpretation. If you love it or hate it, find it confusing or clear, you’re allowed to make up your own mind.

I love this photograph, shot at the wedding reception of Ali and Matt who got married some years ago and had their reception at Headley Park Hotel in Hampshire. It was the turn of Matt, the groom, to give his speech and he had, as is traditional, come to the point of thanking both sets of parents for their help and support in the time leading up to the wedding day.

Gifts had been purchased for the parents – one present for each set of parents and were duly passed on down the line to them. The bride’s parents inadvertently took both gifts (assuming they had one each) and started to open them before the groom intervened and explained it was one gift between two. At this point I pressed the shutter button as everyone realised what had happened.

Nothing profound, deep or meaningful in this exchange – just one of life’s funny little awkward (for a few seconds only) moments. I like this photograph because of the expressions on the faces. It’s all part of my own personal mix of image styles. I like wedding photographs that show funny little moments, tender exchanges, emotional connections and shared experiences.  Being a documentary wedding photographer means I am always on the lookout for moments like this. Story telling images which are guaranteed in the years to come to spark memories of the day and this moment within it that make you smile or laugh.






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