Favourite Wedding Moments | Seconds before the Ceremony

It’s not uncommon long after the wedding to forget bits of the day. Not usually, as can happen, due to excess consumption of alcohol :) but to the anticipation, the nerves, just the whole intensity of the ceremony. It’s a different story once the celebrations have started but the actual wedding itself can for some of us be a little nerve wracking.

I don’t exactly how Anna was feeling in the moments before her wedding to Paddy at the beautiful Rivervale Barn near Yateley, but one of the reasons that I love this photograph is because after the wedding the couple and the guests got to see the broader scene which perhaps put this little wedding moment into a different perspective.

One unusual feature of Rivervale Barn is an elevated platform that runs above the main room of the barn. Acting on a hunch I thought it might make a great vantage point for those few minutes a bride gets, just before the ceremony starts.

The guests, waiting patiently for the ceremony to start, can’t see the bride and her father of course. Later of course, I hope that the guests and family enjoyed the photograph when they got to see it.

bride and father just before the ceremony

One of my main principles of documentary wedding photography is to show you things from a different viewpoint, either literally, as in the photograph above or metaphorically. We all view events (of all kinds} through the prism of personal experience and it’s lovely to see a different viewpoint through the photographic story.

For example a  lot of my wedding photography will show other people at the wedding relating to the bride and groom and my couples are delighted to see things they missed on the day – the expressions of affection and happiness during the ceremony and the reception.

At the end of the day, you commission a wedding photographer to see your day through his or her eyes and it’s important I think to choose a photographer whose vision appeals to you.

Do get in touch if you’d like to chat about the photography on your wedding day.

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