Favourite Wedding Moments | A few seconds of calm

As a documentary wedding photographer, I approach the wedding day primarily from a journalistic point of view and my aim is to create wedding photographs that tell the viewer something about the relationship between people at the wedding.

Obviously there’s a lot to tell about the relationship between the bride and groom and often I know that the photographs I capture that tell the couple something about how other people, their family and friends, feel about them are the ones that will become the most precious in the years to come.

The photograph that I’m writing about today is a moment at an Ufton Court wedding that I had the pleasure of photographing. Ufton Court is a beautiful Berkshire barn venue quite near to my studio and is unusual because it’s a children’s charity that hires out it’s Elizabethan manor house and amazing barn for couples to celebrate their wedding.

Cheryl and Kane’s wedding took place in early summer and in perfect wedding conditions. After the ceremony in the Archers Hall at Ufton, the wedding party repaired to the barn opposite for the celebrations.

bride and groom hugging

I noticed Cheryl approaching Kane as she wrapped her arms around him and just held him for a few seconds. They both closed their eyes and just existed together for a few seconds. No words were necessary, it was almost as if they were ‘recharging’ for a few seconds together out of the hurly-burly of the wedding reception.

I love this photograph because it shows a connection between the bride and groom that is just natural, uncontrived and instinctive. I like to think that when they see this photograph, they’ll remember that quiet little oasis of calm and peace on the wedding day.

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