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One day, twenty or thirty years after the wedding, you’ll be sat with your other half and you might be chatting about old friends and one of you will turn to the other and say “I wonder what happened to so and so?”.

The only constant in life of course is change. Time seems to speed up as we get older and the old clichés you hear from your parents come true far too quickly. It’s natural of course to lose touch with friends sometimes over the years. It can be wonderful when you meet up again, picking up almost exactly where you left of.

One nice thing about documentary wedding photography of course is that it captures people in a time and place and that’s one of the reasons I like this photograph.

It was about an hour before Sarah and Darren’s wedding at the quaint and ancient church of St. Mary’s in Aldermaston. It was a beautiful day in late summer and the wedding guests were arriving, some meeting up with old friends, greeting the family and chatting before being ushered into church.

I like the open, natural feel of this photograph. Because of my low key approach to the photography, using small and quiet cameras I find I am able to document moments like this without the subjects reacting to the camera.

wedding guests arrive before the ceremonyPosed group photographs absolutely have their place of course and I always find it a pleasure to create some family photographs at every wedding I attend, but photographs like this have a different vibe of course and it’s the kind of image that, when you see it in a few years time, take you right back to the time and the place.

And that of course is exactly why you need a wedding photographer whose vision reflects your own.

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